Tuesday, July 21, 2009

time to get over that broke hump

So, after several requests and pleading sessions from my sister, Katie, I've finally decided to start a blog for myself (mainly for her). I moved to Chicago in September of 2008 and still have yet to figure out how to live in a big city on my own without breaking into my piggybank every other Thursday night before payday (those two weeks can be such a looooong stretch). I'm going to blog as often as I can (I work 41 hour weeks...that feel like 90 hours plus thanks to my boss :) ) about how real people like me function in huge cities on tiny paychecks and still manage to absolutely LOVE this city! I basically can't afford to eat out, shop, go out to the bars, get manis and pedis, get my skinny lattes, watch t.v., do yoga or even DATE...but SOMEHOW, I still manage to squeeze everything into my budget! This blog will hopefully teach you the secrets of getting by with NO MONEY...and teach me a few the more I blog!!!

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  1. You should do posts about how to recreate celebrity outfits for super cheap!