Saturday, July 25, 2009

My account is pretty much negative right now. I advanced money last month to pay my gas bill (they still turned it off so I still can't make pizza) so my paycheck basically never showed up at It's okay though. I now know what to do when you're broke. Fall in love. Money doesn't matter when you're in love...cuz it's the biggest feeling that exists. I believe that we live to love. Nothing more.

Tip of the day. Instead of buying those jeans you need, go to the library and check out picture perfect by jodi picoult. There's no better smell than an old FREE (tax-paid) library book. And don't buy bottled water in Chicago. It's a waste of your dollar bills. You don't even need a Brita here. That's how good this water is.

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  1. I love bottled water but I'm excited to be able to drink out of the tap.