Friday, January 15, 2010

Can't afford to move???

Well, NEITHER CAN I!!! I unexpectedly had to move home from Chicago :( for rather unfortunate circumstances and what was more stressful for me (over leaving my friends and quitting my job) was how I was going to afford to move. I called around for moving quotes (Chicago to West Des Moines, IA) assuming it would be no more than $800. Was I ever wrong...$2,200 for someone to move my stuff home for me. So I looked into storage units...I'm most likely going to be home for about four months so storing my items could have been ideal. However, a storage unit in Chicago is about 80-90 dollars a month...PLUS you have to rent a truck and movers to move everything. The cheapest I found movers was 65 an hour and 20 for the truck plus about 90 cents per mile. So, again about $800. I was about to give up and throw all of my furniture to the curb, when I last minute decided to post a GIG on Craigslist. Realizing that no one would seriously consider moving me for the price I desired, I went low. My headline..."Looking for someone to move my one bedroom apt from Chicago to West Des Moines, IA" My first response (about ten minutes after posting) was "Are you kidding, you'd have to pay me at least $650." I went to bed, exhausted, still not knowing what I was going to do about this move. I woke up in the morning, checked my e-mail to see if anyone had written me to rent my apt and LO AND BEHOLD, I had over FIFTY responses to my ad from guys willing to move me for my asking price! The guys that I finally booked came within an hour, moved everything within an hour and were in Des Moines within seven, no damages, no problems whatsoever...AND OFFERED TO DO IT FOR $350! I don't know how I got so lucky, but let me tell you, God was on my side yesterday morning.

Now if only someone would respond to my APT SUBLET ad...if anyone's looking for a huge one bedroom in Chicago (Lakeview) for $860 a month, I am your girl!!!

Moral of this post. You will always find someone to do work for the price you want. ALWAYS.