Monday, August 17, 2009

Can't afford a gym membership??


...and thanks to my sister's great internet browsing abilities, we don't need to waste our money on one! has FREE workouts (from full length to mini's if you don't have a lot of time). also has great yoga videos and blogs for you yoga buffs out there. This one used to be completely free, but since the high demand, they've started charging a small monthly fee (I think it's $3.99 a month).

Although working out at a gym has the major appeal of meeting new people, I know I can speak for myself when I say I never get as great of a workout in. If you're not waiting for a machine, you're talking to someone that is or being interrupted by someone else that doesn't want to workout. It takes up such a chunk of time...parking here in the city is godawful and if you're not paying $17 for it, you're spending a good twenty minutes searching for it.

Take my advice. Save at LEAST $60 a month, two hours a day and just workout online. You get a much better workout as well since you aren't as likely to care who sees you drippin' sweat.

Definitely check this out. I will not be getting a gym membership now until this site starts charging!!

I just did the Bootcamp Calorie Burn...WHEW!!!

Now, off to shower and then to bed (so I can read more of the third book of the Twilight series--talk about a guilty pleasure) to wake to my first day of working two jobs!!!

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